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September 24, 2012
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It's officially been two weeks since Ludwig was turned into a kid and he seemed to be adjusting to the feel pretty well.  Gilbert stopped drinking in front of him so you didn't have to worry about another one of those incidents happening again.  So all in all it's been getting better and you were just waiting for a call or sign or something to let you know that Arthur had finished the spell.

'He did say that it could possibly take a month though' you thought as you leaned back on couch to get comfortable.

Today you guys went to the park and just hung out until the sun started to set.  Gilbert decided to go meet Antonio and Francis up at the bar while you three went back home.  So now you, Germany, and Italy were sitting in the living room watching some anime that Japan left a few days ago when he went back home.  It was about to get interesting when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket.  Getting up and walking to the kitchen you answered the call.


"Ah, hello _____ it's England" the British man said on the other end.  

"Oh hey Iggy how's it going?" you asked.

"Pretty good, I just thought I would call and tell you that I have finished the reversal spell and Germany should be back to normal by tomorrow."

"R-Really?  That's great Arthur! Thank you so much!" you said practically jumping up and down with excitement.

You really did love seeing Ludwig as a little kid…but…you really wanted to tell him how you felt about him…and you doing that while he was a child just wouldn't be right.

Hanging up your phone you went back to the living room to find Feliciano rocking the small nation in his arms.

"Ve~ He's so cute when he's asleep" Feliciano whispered to you.  "Who called you?"

"England.  He's finished the reversal spell so Germany should be back to normal tomorrow~" you said taking the small nation from him.

"Ve~ That's good. I know Germany will be happy about that~"

You chuckled and began to ascend the stairs.

"I guess I'll see you in the morning?" you said looking back down to the Italian.

"Yes ma'am~" he saluted, making you chuckle.

Waving goodnight you entered the Germans room and placed him on the bed before climbing in and immediately wrapping your arms around the small blond.

~Time Skip : The Next Morning~

~Germany's POV~

'Mein gott why the hell does my head hurt?'

Groaning I opened my eyes and was greeted to the morning sunlight.  Almost immediately I felt that something was different.  There was a sort of tingly feeling rushing through my body.  As I propped myself up on my elbow I noticed that I was no longer trapped in a child's body.

'I'm back to normal' I thought as I looked at my arms and bare chest before blushing. 'Not to mention the fact that I have no clothes on.'

"Oh well," I sighed as my blush began to subside.

Hearing the faint steady breathing next to me, I looked to my left to see _____ passed out on her back with her (h/l) (h/c) hair hanging in her eyes.  A relaxed expression that could only be caused by sleep was played on her beautiful face.

Slowly I allowed my hand to creep over and brush away the (h/c) strands of hair from her eyes until she began to stir.  I stayed as still as I could while she shifted onto her side so she was facing me.  At first I was worried that I had awakened her but luckily her steady breathing soon returned signaling that she was still passed out.

'I promise _____...I promise that I'm going to tell you how much I love you when you wake up' I thought as I reached for the last (h/c) strand of hair that was still in her face.

Just as I tucked the hair behind her ear, her beautiful (e/c) eyes opened and shone in the morning light.  As soon as she saw me, her face lit up.

"Germany you're back to normal!" she exclaimed as she jumped up and threw her arms around my neck.  "I was beginning to miss your hot body~"

~END Germany's POV~

'Oh god did I really just say that?!' you mentally yelled as your face went red.

"_____ I-I really need to tell you something" Germany said causing you to release him and look into his beautiful sky blue eyes.

"I wanted to tell you a few nights ago but decided to wait until things got back to normal.  Now that they have I really need to tell you that…" he trailed off and averted his blue eyes from your (e/c) ones.

"What is it Germany?  What's wrong?" you asked, cocking your head.

Only then did you notice the dark blush on his face and the lack of clothing on his body, which also made your face go a dark red.

"I-I just n-need to tell you that…i-ich liebe dich" he stuttered before placing his lips to yours making you blush even more.

You couldn't believe it! The guy you've been crushing on for years has just admitted that he felt the same way!  Just as you were about to relax into the kiss Germany pulled away, his face a dark red.

"I-I'm sorry" he said, looking down at the bed sheets.  "I shouldn't have done that."

"Just shut up and kiss me again" you smiled.

"Does that mean?"

"Yes Ludwig, ich liebe dich auch~" you said as a beautiful smile formed on his handsome face.

"I'm glad to hear that _____" the blond German said before kissing you once again, only this time it was more forceful and passionate.

His tongue licked your bottom lip asking for entrance which you immediately granted.  The two of you fought for dominance which he easily won, and soon his tongue was exploring every inch of your mouth.  You were enjoying yourself so much you didn't even notice how Germany had now pinned you to the bed.

When the two of you finally pulled away for air, Ludwig moved to your neck and began sucking and licking until he found that one spot that made you moan loudly while also slipping his hands under your t-shirt. You gasped as you felt his cold hands grasp your breasts and soon your shirt was removed and flung across the room.  You shivered as the cool air in the room suddenly washed over you while Ludwig's fingers played with the soft pink buds until they were hard.

Letting out a small moan you threw your head back in pleasure and began to feel warmer as he began to suck on your left breast, licking and sucking the hard nipple while gently massaging the other.  However you let out a small whimper as he pulled away, but immediately stopped when you noticed that his hands had suddenly made their way into your grey sweatpants.  Soon, those too along with your (f/c) panties were tossed to the side, leaving you completely exposed, even though you had no problem with it.

Germany's hands soon returned to your body, gently rubbing your thigh while the other was back on your breast.  You began to feel impatient and let out a soft whimper.  Ludwig seemed to have noticed your impatience because a few seconds later you let out a long moan as you felt one of his digits enter you.  He gave you time to adjust to the one before adding the second…and then the third.

"G-Germany…" you gasped, taking a sharp breath while you were being pleasured.

You couldn't take it any longer, you needed him now.  His fingers slowly stopped before pulling away and allowing his sky blue orbs to meet your (e/c) ones.

"L-Ludwig…put it in…p-please…" you begged in a whisper as you took in another deep breath.

Seeing as how he was already undressed, Ludwig positioned his already hardened length between your legs and grabbed hold of your hips.  His eyes connected with yours once more.  Nodding slowly with a faint red blush on your face, you confirmed that you were ready.
You let out a moan and dug your fingers into his back as he fully entered you with a single thrust.  The pain was excruciating for a moment, but then quickly went away as he slowly began to move.  Each time he thrusted inside of you, you let out a small moan and took a few deep breaths.

The pace quickened, as you and Ludwig began to pant more and more. You were in pure bliss.  Soon the pleasure started to get too much for you to handle, as you felt you were nearing the end.

"Ugh-Ludwig!" you moaned as the blond mans pace quickened. "I'm gonna-!"

"Me too!" he groaned as he thrusted in and out faster.

It didn't take long for the last thrust to come, making both of you let out a deep throated moan, before you both released the warm seeds.

Ludwig pulled out and collapsed next to you, panting hard with exhaustion.

"Ich liebe dich _____" he whispered before pulling you close to him.

You smiled and looked up at him.

"Ich liebe dich auch~" you said before placing a kiss on his nose and nuzzling into his chest.

Soon the two of you were once again passed out.

~Extended Ending~

A few hours later you woke up to a loud crash and yelling coming from downstairs.  You noticed that Ludwig wasn't in the room with you so, curiously, you got dressed and went downstairs to inspect the source of the noise.

"Gilbert give it to me now!" you heard Ludwig's booming voice yell as he chased the silver haired man around the house.

"Never! I'm so sending this to Kiku and Elizaveta!" said silver haired Prussian teased.

Just as you got down the last few steps you heard another crash.

"Ow! Fuck west! What was that for?!" Prussia yelled from the living room.

When you got there you noticed the younger nation had pinned the older one to the ground.

"What do you think it was for asshole?!" Ludwig yelled as he yanked away Gilbert's cell phone.

"Germany what's going on?" you asked, gaining the blond man's attention.

"H-He kind of…you know…r-recorded us…" Ludwig said, blushing a dark red.

"You did what?!"

"Kesesese~ I couldn't help it!" Gilbert laughed.  "I was sleeping perfectly fine, and then I started hearing some moaning coming from mein kleiner bruder's room so I just had to check it out!"

You cracked your knuckles and glared at the Prussian.

"…You do know that I'm going to have to kill you now right?" you said in a serious tone.

"Pfft-Your joking~" Gilbert laughed.  When you still held onto your serious look, he began to worry. "Y-You are joking right?"

"I'm dead serious…" you said with flames practically in your eyes.

"Well then I'll leave you to it" Germany said, getting up off of his older brother and pecking you on the cheek before walking into the kitchen.

"W-Wait! West! Don't leave me here with her!" the red eyed male pleaded as you got closer and closer to him.

Oh this was going to be good~

~Das Ende~
Long time to write am I right?! :XD:
Lolz bad pun is bad :P

Anyway! This is my first lemon so I hope it turned out pretty good if not amazing~ :D

If there are any problems with my story please let me know! I like being able to make corrections so I can get better~ :)

Well then I hope you like it!

If there is a chance that you did like this please Fave, Comment, or even become a Watcher!!!! (I only write Germany x Reader's after all :XD:)

:icongermanyemocornerplz::iconsaysplz: ........I hate you so much Manga.........:iconsaysendplz:

:iconpervyplz::iconsaysplz: That's not what you said last night~ :iconsaysendplz:

:bulletblack: Part One : [link]

:bulletred: Part Two : [link]

:bulletyellow: Part 3 : [link]

:bulletblack: Part 4 : [link]

:bulletred: Part 5 : Already Here~ :D
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Me: Prussia I was raised by phycopaths * pulls out a giant butcher knife *
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